Resita has spent the past 4 years as a multimedia journalist and reporter. During her time at WTVD-TV and WCTI-TV, she reported on a variety of local stories, including the historic storm, Hurricane Matthew that devastated the coast of North Carolina. She then relocated to Chicago, IL and joined the cast of Morning Dose, where she reported on Chicago-based stories for the national morning show. Check out a compilation of her work and favorite stories over the years.

News Reel Compilation

Morning Dose - Chicago Stories

Local stories crafted for national audiences.


Blackstone Bicycle Works is a bike shop on the South Side of Chicago. It employs local youth and teaches them bicycle engineering skills. The shop focuses on giving kids a positive place to hang out to keep them out of trouble.

Vicky Alvarez is an artist based in Chicago whose work focuses on creating educational comic books for minority children. ‘Rosita Gets Scared’ is apart of her Scholar Comic series and follows a young girl as she begins to understand the meaning of being undocumented.


Lift for the 22 is a non-profit organization that fights veteran suicide through gym memberships. The organization was started after the founder, Carter Davis, contemplated suicide upon returning from his deployment.